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Vision & Mission


Our Vision

It is the vision of Hlanganani to be a reputable company in the consulting engineering environment, renowned for delivering sustainable growth based upon ever improving Client satisfaction.


Our Mission

Hlanganani believes in the empowerment of all our staff, as well as maintaining a high standard of engineering as expected of professionals. We do not comprise on the excellent quality of our work and the high standards of our business ethics.


Company Values

Hlanganani holds the following company values:

  • Excellent service and the highest quality of engineering.
  • Conducting of business with honesty, integrity, respect, excellence, diligence,
    openness and fairness.
  • Improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Politically non-aligned and promoting the principles of equal opportunities,
    social responsibility and participation in our dealings with Clients, personnel
    and supporting stakeholders.
  • Acknowledge our responsibility to our personnel by creating career
    development opportunities and striving for a high level of job satisfaction.
  • A well balanced approach to development taking all relevant environmental aspects into consideration, which also seeks to protect, preserve and
    enhance the environment.
  • All our suppliers will be treated fairly and professionally according to sound
    and legal business practices.